Reinard Surya

Sales Executive / LREA

About Reinard

Reinard Surya is a customer oriented real estate agent who pursue his passion in helping people in buying as well as selling properties.This means that his approach is not about selling properties that he wants to sell, but his focus is more of what the customers need.You can be assured that he will always have your best interest at heart. After his graduation from his Marketing Degree back in 2008,

Reinard started his career in Sales and Marketing and after few years, soon find himself working in Finance Industry. He has been following the property market for the last 10 years and with ample of understanding and research that he has done, he enters real estate career in the hope of helping people find their best solution in the property market, may it be for buying, selling or investing in properties.

Moreover, combining with prior experiences in Sales, Marketing and Finance, as well as the passion and willingness to help people, Reinard is equipped to be an excellent real estate agent.