Our Management Strategy

Our Management Strategy

At Mascot Partners Realty, we are very selective when choosing the right candidate to be part of our team property management, such as high attention to detail, true commitment and diligence. We pride ourselves on relationship building with all our tenants which is essential in tenant retention and prevents situations and arrears.

Our management strategy is based on our experienced in this industry for the last 5 years, we value our owners and tenants at the highest respect.

Right tenants: Getting the right tenant for our owner is on our summit priority, by checking all the application step by step and advising to the owner which we think would be a great tenant base on our experience and their tenancy record.

Marketing: Our marketing specialist are doing their best to make sure all our marketing strategy are very details and attractive.

Management team:
Having an experience team in management is our company goal, we as a company always providing the right training skill to our management team and updated technology system to make sure we become the leader in our industry or core area.