Our Selling Strategy

Our Selling Strategy

Having the right strategy when selling property is very important, At Mascot Partners Realty, we are proud to announce that we have proven a delightful track record when selling property for our client.

Preparation: Well-presented property is a must when selling a property, at Mascot Partners Realty we do everything for our vendor such as organising a professional photography, getting a stylist to make sure the property is well-presented from the day you sign until we sold the property.

Experience and market knowledge: We understand what necessary steps to do in order to achieve a positive result, At Mascot Partners Realty we understand the market by carefully research and with our local and international database some of the key to get a great result.

Marketing strategy:
We have been working with very professional team to help our client achieve the result which they would like to, it will be involved a great photography, a top quality marketing plan and a proper property stylist.

Key point of our strategy:
Well communication between our agents and vendor is very critical in the process of selling, that’s why we take this as our main priority as this is the most important key to achieve a great best result.